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Why Try Magnetic Eyelashes?

Why Try Magnetic Eyelashes?
POSTED ON April 30, 2018

There's just something about false lashes that provide an extra boost of confidence to conquer any day to day task or special occasion. To some, the art of applying falsies comes as second nature to them, but for those who struggle or who are intimidated by the very idea of sizing, cutting, gluing the lashes to their eyelids, and the worst part - removing them, only to deal with left over glue and the tragedy of losing lashes during the process, we have a LUVely alternative -  LUV Lashes Magnetic Eyelashes!


If the idea of easily snapping on a set of magnetic lashes at any time, any place, without any glue, sounds intriguing, then stay with us while we explain the benefits of our lashes, tips & tricks, as well as, our complete how to apply them guide! 

Why Magnetic Eyelashes? 

For starters, why not? But the real answer to that question is -because in a matter of seconds you can add a layer of glamour to your existing look without having to break the bank! Here are more reasons why adding LUV Lashes' Full Coverage Magnetic Eyelashes to your existing beauty routine is a must:

  • NO. 1: Our Full Coverage Magnetic Eyelashes offer the convenience of being trimmed down to fit your eye size and shape. Our full coverage lash was designed to accommodate small to larger eyes! Depending on your eye shape and size, and where you like your inner lashes to start, our lashes deliver the convenience of being trimmed to fit your eye size and/or preferred fit. For example, if you have larger eyes and like your inner lashes to start exactly where your inner natural lashes start, then you will not need to trim them. However, if you have medium eyes, you might find them a little too long and want to trim the outer 2 mm tip. If you have smaller eyes, you will want to move forward with trimming the outer magnet closest to the outer edge, leaving only one outer magnet.
  • NO. 2: We LUV our furry friends. LUV Lashes are 100% synthetic silk & cruelty free. Plus we don't believe that false lashes should look false! Our synthetic silk lashes deliver the most natural look with out a plastic feel.
  • NO. 3: Although our magnetic eyelash is a FULL lash, it offers a natural but elevated look to complement any occasion. Perfect for a regular day at work or a special day out.
  • NO. 4: We are Comfortable to wear and re-usable false magnetic lashes. With LUV Lashes you only receive maximum value for your money, so you can save money and time. Say goodbye to those expensive and time consuming appointments. Our lashes offer a wear-ability of about 15+ times, given how well they are taken care of!
  • NO. 5: LUV Lashes Magnetic Eye Lashes are easy to apply and remove - no frustrating messy glue!  
  • NO. 6: We STAND BEHIND OUR LASHES. With LUV Lashes, you will get nothing but a 5 star experience. From the moment you order, to our packaging, the quality of magnetic lashes your receive (of course) and most importantly, our customer support. We will stop at nothing to make sure you LUV or lashes or leave with an amazing experience. Your purchase is guaranteed with our premium brand guarantee.

Now that we've established why LUV Lashes should be added to your beauty routine, let's go over some tips and tricks for easy application of your new LUV Lashes Magnetic Full Coverage Set! 


LUV Lashes Tips & Tricks For No Sweat Application! 

#1 tip before we go over any other tips & tricks: don't get discouraged, practice makes perfect! If you've ever worn or currently wear contacts (for vision), think back to the first time you tried to apply contacts. Yep, exactly like that. It took multiply attempts and just as many flops but eventually you got it and now they are in your eyes quicker than you can apply mascara, wash your face, etc., you get the point! If you're new to this, the biggest hurdle you'll need to overcome is getting used to a foreign object close to your inner eyelid. Once you've gotten used it that, your LUV lashes will be on your eyelids in seconds, with no sweat! Okay time to go over some real tips:

You may use our finger tips to apply your new lashes. However, for easier application you can also use a tweezer or order our LUV Applicator!

Recommended Tool

  • TO AVOID LOSING BOTTOM PIECES. When Removing the bottom pieces make sure to do it over a flat surface incase your bottom lash piece falls while attempting to apply it.
  • GENTLY REMOVE the top lash from the case. NEVER pull this will insure a longer lasting lash.
  • BEFORE YOU TRIM. We recommend fitting & attempting to apply your lashes to see exactly how well they fit & how much you will need to trim.  
  • SHAPING: Your lashes will be shaped. However, feel free to reshape by rounding them to fit the shape of your eye. 
  • APPLY MASCARA 5 mins before. Applying mascara helps them stay/grip in place. Otherwise, they might slip off since your lashes are naturally smooth. 

Now that we have some tips and tricks up our sleeves, it's time to go over how to best apply your new Full Coverage LUV Lashes Magnetic Eyelashes! In other words, time to make them stare!

What You'll Receive:

Please note: your lashes come as one pair, with one full top lash strip for each eye and 8 total bottom lash pieces, 4 for each eye. You will only need 3 per lash, we've added 2 extra bottom pieces. Our applicator will come with your order if you order off of our website, however if you order from Amazon, there is a free applicator offer in the lash box that can be redeemed on

How To Apply Your New Full Coverage Magnetic Eyelashes.

Below are the illustrations of the lash in 3 different sizes - The size & measurement it comes in and the 2 additional sizes and measurements it can be trimmed down to. The best way to gage what size will be best is to attempt to apply your lash before trimming any pieces off. 

GENTLY, remove the TOP lash from the case and place TOP lash strip on top of your natural lash line. Line up the inner lash where you prefer your inner false lashes to start (make sure you have lashes there to grip on to). If the OUTER tip of your lashes hang out over your outer corner of your eye, then you will need to trim off the outer magnet to fit them. If they don't hang out, you don't have to trim!


Align TOP lash and snugly hold up against your natural lash line, with your free hand (or a tweezer) clasp the end fibers of a BOTTOM lash piece and bring up to the middle lash magnet. Magnets will instantly fasten together, securing your lash in place.  

Still holding your TOP lash snug again your lash line, with your free hand bring a second BOTTOM lash piece and fasten it to the inner magnet of the TOP long lash strip. 

Use your free hand to grab a third bottom lash piece and fasten it to the outer edge of the top strip.  


Here are some amazing before and after photos: 


Make sure to do this over a flat surface incase your bottom piece decides to slide off and falls while you're attempting to remove. Use your thumb & index finger to slide magnet pieces in opposite directions. Or alternatively, you can use your index finger to hold your top lash in place and then use your thumb to push the bottom piece forward. CAUTION: this might cause your bottom piece to fall forward, so a removal over a flat surface is recommended to avoid losing your bottom pieces. 


Alright LUVs! It's now time for you to grab your LUV Lashes and apply everything we've gone over here! If you haven't ordered your LUV Lashes you can always head to: or (search LUV Lashes). We want to see your beautiful face so make sure to show off your LUV Lashes by tagging us on Instagram and hash tagging #IWearLUV in your captions! 


With LUV, 

Linda LUV




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