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About us

Why Luv Lashes?

Achieve any look you dream of with a simple application of quality lashes. Our lashes are 100%, constructed by hand, light-weight & ultra-wispy for all your dreamy-eyed needs. We have a wide range of Luv Lashes that can complement any desired look and can take you from natural to glamorous in a blink of an eye. False lashes of the past used to be limited to people who have a full face of dramatic makeup on, but our Fresh-Faced Collection can help enhance your beauty without wearing tons of makeup or any at all! Do you prefer a more dramatic look for night or a special occasion instead? We got you covered with our more dramatic 3D Luv Lashes Collection that is super photogenic for your social as well as Social Media needs while maintaining a lightweight and comfortable feel. Luv Lashes has lashes for everyone for every occasion even if there’s no occasion at all. Luv Lashes believes you do not need an occasion to look and feel beautiful. Go ahead, be our Muse. Put on a pair of Luv Lashes Lux lashes and start making this world a more beautiful place one wink at a time.

The Original Creators of 100% Luv Lashes

At Luv Lashes, we believe that beauty is a powerful tool. Beauty captivates around the world, but it also has the ability to captivate your own self. We believe that when you feel beautiful, it awakens your soul to act. It’s impossible to be the best version of yourself if you do not feel confident and beautiful. It’s true that beauty comes from within, but a nudge from a luxurious pair of lashes never hurt nobody! Awaken your soul today and set out to be the best version of yourself. Be alive, be present, be confident, be strong, be beautiful... and be You.

Luv Lashes V.S synthethic

Luv Lashes
Use up to 25 times
Use up to 5 times


We are confident that you will be impressed by our quality in person and you will be amazed by how you look in them. Our lashes look different. They look and feel luxurious to the touch. With proper handling, care & storage..our lashes will last 10-25 uses though some of Muses report that they last even longer! Our luxurious lashes will speak for themselves and the superb quality makes these incomparable to other lashes on the market. Our lashes are designed and handcrafted with quality and longevity in mind. Skillfully constructed by expert lash makers, they can take anywhere from 30-60 minutes for our Regular Luv Lashes collection and 60-180 minutes for our 3D Luv Lashes Collection because there are about 2-3 times the amount of furs/hairs magnificently suspended in multiple rows on one comfortable band to create that alluring 3D effect.

Luv Lashes is for YOU

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