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Hey LUVa! 

Are you ready? Ready to start LUVing your lashes again? With LUV lashes you can forget about fretting over adhesives, wasting time at expensive appointments and risking those gorgeous eyes of yours! Your new magnetic lashes will instantly transform your eyes from regular to alluring, faster than you can apply your lipstick! Your new LUV Lashes are so versatile! You can use them for any occasion - work, a date, night out, etc. Best of all, LUV Lashes are very economical, so you can accentuate your beautiful eyes everyday, at a low cost over a longer period than falsies or extensions. We can’t wait for you to starting LUVing your lash routine again!

HOLD ON DARLING, before you jump into this new relationship please keep in mind - YOU ARE GOING TO STRUGGLE at first. Trust us, the average first timer takes 20-25 minutes to figure it out but once you’ve found your process, you’ll have them on your eyes within 60 seconds! Swoon, right!?


The LUV Process:

  1. Peep Your New LUVs. At first glance, you'll notice the top and bottom lashes are not made to be the same length and only the outer edges line up. The only side that will line up will be the outer edge. The inner part of the lash will taper & overlap. This will allow lashes to blend naturally with your lashes.
For The GLAM Collection & The Original Full Lash:
*Top lashes have both magnets placed on the bottom of the lash and are shorter.
*Bottom lashes have the magnets placed on the top and are longer than the top lashes.
*Left Pair - both lashes will taper & overlap towards the right.
*Right Pair - both lashes will taper & overlap towards the left.
For The Everyday Collection:
*Notice 2 pairs of half lashes come in this box.
*Both top and bottom are the same length, with one magnet linking them together.
*Top lash has magnet on bottom. Bottom lash has magnet on top.
*Lashes are interchangeable, so no left or right. Shape them to identify which lash fits your left or right eye.
  1. The Introduction. Don't be shy. With LUV remove your right or left lash from the case. NEVER PULL LASHES APART, always slide. Place linked top and bottom lashes between your index finger & thumb. Then gently slide your fingers in opposite directions to help magnetic slide apart.

Remember, the more LUV you give your lashes the more LUV they give back. So be gentle.

  1. Let's Flirt. Time to shape, position, & test your new LUVs. Now that  your lashes are out of the box and in your hands. It’s time to SHAPE, SIZE & POSITION them based on your eye shape. This is a crucial step in making sure your lashes fit! We’re all made beautifully different so you might find you’ll need to cut a tiny bit of the inner bottom lash to fit a smaller eye size or you might need to round them a bit more and vice versa.

SHAPING: Lashes can be linked or separate. Gently hold the tips of the bottom lash, between your thumb & index fingers. To start shaping your eyelash strip, bring your fingers as close together as possible & gently start moving your hands in opposite directions to create a rainbow shape with your lashes. DO NOT TRY TO BEND OR CURVE THE MAGNET, only concentrate on the part of the strip that doesn’t have a magnet. This will add a curve to the eyelash strip, allowing them to form to the shape of your eyes. This applies to all 3 lashes - GLAM, Original & Everyday.

TESTING & POSITIONING: You can use our LUV applicator, tweezers or your fingers to help sandwich your real lashes with top & bottom LUV Lashes. You will find our LUV applicator or tweezers help tremendously. For starters, lay your top lash on top of your lash line. The outer edge of the top lash should line up with the outer edge of your natural lash line. This will give you an idea of where the bottom lash will sit. At this point you will see if you need to continue shaping your lashes or position them slightly.

Do not clamp the magnet with your tweezer. The tweezer will win! *wink

Now that you've met your lashes, flirted a little, and you can identify left from right and top from bottom, it's time for your first date.



TIP #1: Apply Makeup: Feel free to apply liner and mascara. NOTE: if you have straighter lashes you will want to gently curl them so your lashes blend in with the lashes from the side, as well as the inner part of the eye. Please note the more you curl your natural lashes the more your magnetic lashes will fan upwards and appear more glamorous. If you’d rather not apply makeup or curl your lashes that will work as well.

TIP #2: Use 2 Applicators or Tweezers. You can use your fingers but our applicators or  tweezers will simplify the process and allow you to lay your lashes perfectly. By pinching the very tips of the lashes you can avoid the magnet.

Date Option #1

  1. (Applying to left eye) with your right hand grab the end of the top of lash with your index and thumb (applicator or tweezer). With your left hand grab the end of the bottom lash with your index and thumb (or tweezer). With both lashes in hand get close to your mirror and align bottom lash under your lash line and try to get as close to your lash line as possible and hold there without blinking. Then hover and align top lash before lowering and matching the magnets.

Once your lashes are on and they are missing the natural curve between the outer and inner magnets, you can play with the outer magnets to help create a SLIGHT curve, by SLIGHTLY pushing the top magnet inward.

Date Option #2

  1. (Applying to left eye) with your right or left hand grab the end of the top of lash with your index and thumb (applicator or tweezer). PLACE the top lash on top of your natural lash line. Try not to blink to avoid it moving. Make sure your natural edge and the lash edge line up. Then with your opposite hand pick up the bottom lash and quickly place under your lash line so magnets meet and connect.

Once your lashes are on and they are missing the natural curve between the outer and inner magnets, you can play with the outer magnets to help create a SLIGHT curve, by SLIGHTLY pushing the top magnet inward.


Time To Say Goodnight: GENTLY slide your lashes apart and off by using your index finger and thumb to slide your magnets away from each other. Place lashes back in your case. Reshape,  if needed, for your next use.

Now that you’ve gone on your first date, there’s no doubt you will be going steady from here on out. However, if you have any questions or still need a little more guidance please don’t hesitate to shoot us an email to connect with one of our LUV pros: 


Show us how you two LUVas make the whole world jealous by posting a gorgeous selfie & hashtagging #IWearLUV #LUVLASHESCO


When your LUVs aren’t luvin on your eyes, make sure to store them in their original box. We want your eyes healthy and your LUVs to have a long life (2+months) so depending on how frequently you use them, we suggest you wash your lashes weekly or biweekly. Always wash your hands before handling them. To clean your lashes add a tiny drop of dish soap to hot (but not too hot)  water, add lashes and gently tab lashes and move them around. Then rinse lashes with lukewarm water and lay on top of a dry wash cloth.

If you’re gentle and take good care of your lashes, they should last for up to 2 or more months!

Still have questions? Shoot us an email:



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